Released Emotions = Clear Skin: a testimonial


In 2007 after a series of tragic events, my immune system was severely suppressed and my skin took the brunt of it with my first round of full blown desimated shingles on my face. Now at the smallest sign of stress or a cold, my skin has a more mild (but still very painful) outburst of "crazy". It doesn't matter how clean I eat, what I eliminate or add, and no topical treatments make any difference. There are a few viral support supplements that show mild improvement but for the most part it has always been a matter of "wait out the virus cycle to end and pray I get a few solid days in between episodes". 

In September my immune system gave up and my skin was so painful. I don't have pictures from then because I was just too bummed out. Ali Kettering reached out and offered her expertise with The Body Code to work specifically on eliminating underlying issues in my subconscious that could be playing a part in my skin lesions. With two sessions, Ali was able to identify and released so much "baggage". Including but not limited to: a LOT of trapped emotions, negative energies, toxicities (mostly cosmetic from endocrine disrupting chemicals), EMF radiation with my phone being too close during sleep, and curses from offensive energies. 

After my last episode ran it's viral cycle, my skin went into a stage of healing, and now for the first time in sooo many years, my skin is truly clear and has been so happy for a full week! I still experience stress, I am still hormonal, and this is still a virus that will remain dormant in my body, BUT my skin. is. clear! Brings me to tears, and makes me incredibly grateful that God has designed our bodies with such a beautiful intelligence and that He's gifted Ali with the passion to change lives through this Living Well Transformation system! 

Testimony shared by Lily Burns, and reprinted with her express permission.

Lisa McCoskey