How Can Something So Small Hurt So Bad???


Anyone else create stones in their kidneys that produce massive pain?? I recently had a bout with these little gems - and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. Looking at the photo, it almost seems like this could be an exotic coral, but those ridges are like razor blades as it moves through the urinary system causing excruciating pain. 

I had my first experience with kidney stones way back in January of 1988. Six months later I had one so significant that it needed to be removed surgically, and I spent 7 days in the hospital having developed an aggressive kidney infection after the removal. It was a very scary time for us as Terry managed chiropractic college an hour away from the hospital, and caring for our precious 6 month old baby girl as well. We were so thankful for our Palmer family of friends. 

I’ve had several episodes since that time, but have been able to avoid surgery, emergency rooms, and hospital stays by responding quickly at the first sign of an issue.

The most recent one was last weekend, so it’s very fresh in my mind. I just chatted with a good friend who is also dealing with these nasty things so I wanted to share some of the home remedies that have helped me to avoid them most of the time and heal from them quickly! 

1. Chanca piedra is an herbal remedy that I take to prevent the development of stones. I had stopped taking it a month before this latest bout, but was able to add it back in several days after the attack started, and it has dissolved and healed beautifully. This is what I keep stocked at my home, in case of emergencies:…
2. At the onset, drink the juice from one organic lemon every hour for 6-8 hours, flushing with tepid water 15 minutes after dosing. The citric acid helps to smooth the stones making them easier to pass through the ureter. 
3. I have used this more aggressive remedy when the other formulas failed. It’s hard on your system but still preferable to a hospital stay. I call it the Coke Crusher! First thing in the morning, drink 6 twelve ounce bottles of Mexican coke made from cane sugar. It’s important not to use the kind made from high fructose corn syrup. You pace the servings at 1 bottle every 20 minutes. You will get a sugar rush, caffeine buzz, and a bubble belly, but it works swiftly to turn those painful stones into sludge. You follow up the coke with 8 ounces of asparagus purée to move the debris out of the urinary system. Follow this with a gallon of distilled water, drinking it over the course of 8 hours to purge the caffeine and sugar, and to flush and purify the kidneys. I’ll create a pdf file with the instructions and upload it in this group for those interested. 
4. I am a big fan of castor oil packs for reducing discomfort and inflammation, and it is very helpful for kidney stone pain as well. Let me know if you’d like the instructions on using this remedy at home. Fairborn Natural Foods has everything you need, but if you are out of our area, this is the one that we recommend:…
5. Drink several ounces a day of Aloe Vera juice to soothe and heal the kidneys and ureters after irritation to the tissue. This may help prevent infection as well.…
6. Depending on the type of stone that the body produces, modifying the amount of oxalate foods in your daily diet might be helpful in preventing calcification. 

Hopefully, these tried and true strategies will be helpful in overcoming kidney stones for you too. I’d love to hear about others’ experiences and what they’ve used to blast them away. 

Please let me know if you have any questions! As always, I am happy to help. 

<If pain continues, or a fever manifests, please talk to your doctor.>

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Lisa McCoskey