Heart Dust 💖


Terry and I are updating some rooms in our home. After a fresh coat of paint and some reupholstered dining room chairs, we were putting on the finishing touches with a beautiful sculpted area rug! We began rolling up the one that has been there for years, and much to our surprise, there was an abundance of dust and dirt that covered the hardwood floor beneath it. Perfectly clean from the side that we looked at daily, but filth below. Knowing it was there made us hustle for dustpans, but we were only aware of it because we looked.

It got me thinking about my heart. It’s admittedly happy and healthy and “polished” from the outside. As an optimist, that’s the side I focus on. But beneath the surface, buried deep where it’s hard to see, there are old wounds, heavy burdens, unkind thoughts about myself and others, and pain that’s been given and received…. it's heart dust. I knew that, just like with the rug, I could leave it there and cover it up, or I could identify it and sweep it clean.

Knowing that those destructive emotions were harmful, physically, emotionally and spiritually, made the decision easy. It’s safe to uncover the dirt. We don’t have to wallow in it, or hang out there, but it’s healing to identify the hurts, the sadness, the grief, and the disappointments, so that we can simply let those emotions go.

Who doesn’t love a clean house?! Go ahead and clean it… literally and figuratively, your soul will thank you. 💖

If you need tools to help, please let us know.

Lisa McCoskey