Feed your STRESS: 6 strategies to reduce adrenal fatigue


It’s not a surprise to anyone that we are living in a very stressful world. Not only is the pace of technology and life on hyperdrive, but the toxicity of what we breathe, eat, and use on our skin is an assault to our bodies each and every day. The combination of these stressors has overloaded our well-balanced and perfectly designed bodies. People are experiencing major disease like diabetes and cancer, metabolic syndrome, and mystery illnesses. We are becoming more tired, less clear, more troubled, less rested, more depressed and less well. Though our bodies are trying to keep up with these challenges, there’s a limitation of matter. And for many, this limit has been exceeded. That’s called bio-burden.

Due to this bio-burden, the adrenal glands go on high alert, physically and mentally, releasing cortisol and adrenaline, and flooding your body with these stress hormones. The liver manages the excess by filtering the old hormones from the blood stream, but over a period of time, it becomes more and more difficult, until you start feeling the symptoms of adrenal fatigue, such as anxiety, food allergies, increased effort to perform daily tasks, and decreased ability to manage emotions. It’s a vicious cycle as your body craves sugar and caffeine to function throughout the day, which creates even more toxicity. So how do we stop the cycle?

1. Adopt a new philosophy on stress. Choose to make stress work for you. Research has shown that it truly IS about how we perceive the stressors in our lives. If we make the concerted effort to view our current situation as helpful and enlightening, if we take a strong superman-style posture against the attack mentally, then the situation does not produce the same negative hormones! The mind is so powerful!
2. Stop watching the news. These outside influences have very little bearing on your real life world, yet your mind perceives them as threats, and your fight or flight response is triggered. We promise if there is something that is essential for you to know, you will know it.
3. Maintain exemplary spinal hygiene! Your nervous system runs your entire ecosystem, so get your spine checked on a regular basis for optimal function by a chiropractor that specializes in precise, predictable, and reproducible spinal care!
4. Get adequate sleep. 8 hours is ideal with no screen time two hours before retiring for the night. This allows the adrenal glands to be reset.
5. Limit your exposure to nutritional and environmental toxins. Make the choice to eat 90% of your meals at home with fresh organic ingredients, and master the art of the safe swap from our Living Well List of Toxin-free Alternatives. 
6. FEED and NURTURE your adrenals, your STRESS glands. Combat the assault that they are under on a daily basis by adding TWO Stress-reducing Snacks to your daily intake. See below for some perfectly balanced combinations.

Ideally your adrenal snacks should contain a balance of sodium, potassium and sugar from fruit. These combinations provide naturally-occurring electrolytes. By supporting blood sugar, and body chemistry, your adrenal glands receive the time necessary to rest and restore, which reduces fatigue, brain fog, weakness and lack of energy while balancing and supporting metabolism! Isn’t your beautiful body amazing??? 

Stress-reducing Snacks:
- [ ] Orange, avocado, kale
- [ ] Sweet potato, spinach, lemon juice
- [ ] Jicama, avocado, lime juice
- [ ] Banana, dates, romaine lettuce
- [ ] Coconut water, dried cherries, celery
- [ ] Pear, blueberries, sprouts
- [ ] Blackberries, tangerines, green leaf lettuce
- [ ] Strawberries, raw honey, cucumber
- [ ] Oranges, cilantro, butter lettuce
- [ ] Apple, cauliflower, cucumber
- [ ] Watermelon with lime juice, fennel slices

As always, we are here as a resource to support you on your Living Well journey! Please let us know how we can help!

Lisa McCoskey