Be A Seed... 4 ways to share joy


For the majority of the people in the United States and the world, our current events will be traumatizing, but not life altering. For those directly affected, there will be devastation and desperation, and they will need compassionate support and comfort through these challenging and difficult and confusing days, weeks and months ahead. 

In these situations, we seek answers where there are none. Reading and re-reading speculation and accusation only stirs more conflict and more dissension and more disconnection in an already unstable social environment. Turn it off.


1. Go about the purpose of living.

2. Be the one that offers goodness with a friendly wave to a neighbor, or a generous donation to those that ask.

3. Share stories of joyfulness with your associates.

4. Focus on truth and be a dandelion seed of hope.... one kind word, one thoughtful action, one intentional connection at a time. 


Lisa McCoskey