Hippy Puppy: a testimonial


Miracles happen when we identify and release trapped emotions from people AND animals!! My youngest daughter, Grace, had a session with Miss Dandelion after her first visit to a local veterinarian, and the incredible results were confirmed by that same vet on her follow-up visit! Here is her experience:

"When my sister took her new pup Dandy in to her first vet appointment, he noticed that her kidneys were sluggish and they were tender to the touch. He also discovered that her crown chakra was all but shut down, and he felt that the two issues were connected. For those of you who aren't total hippies, chakras are wheels or centers of energy that emanate from the spine. We each have seven of them, and you can think of them like energetic spinning plates; it's all about balance! The vet himself had techniques of opening the chakra, but Lily asked me to have a Body Code session with her first! When I began, the chakra was 1% balanced, but as different trapped emotions, like sadness, lost, and abandonment, were identified and released, and other imbalances and misalignments were corrected, the chakra rose up to 100%! I wasn't aware of Dandy's kidney issues, only the chakra issues, but our bodies are smart and they connect the dots! It was such a fascinating session. Two weeks later, Dandy went back to the vet for a follow up appointment, and her chakras were still at 100%, and no sensitivity in the kidneys! She's one happy pup! I feel so blessed to be able to experience these miracles!! Go, Dandy!!"

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Lisa McCoskey